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Deposits: Generally speaking, I do not always require deposits. I do reserve the right to request one however. A deposit will be required for any Extended, Travel or FMTY date.

Cancellations: I request a 24-hour notice for all cancellations. Anything less will result in a 50% cancellation fee which can be paid by cash app. venmo, or invoice. Same-day/last minute appointments must abide by this as well.

Donation: Kindly place your donation in plain sight upon arrival. An envelope is not necessary unless we are in a public setting.

Hygiene: Please be showered and groomed. Also, please lightly freshen up when you arrive (wash hands, freshen breath if needed etc). All supplies is provided.

Health/Wellness: Please do not show up to our meeting if you are experiencing any symptoms of the Flu, COVID-19, Monkeypox, common cold, or any other illness that can be spread. I am fully vaccinated and test myself weekly for COVID.

Communication: You may contact me by phone, email or text any time. Please always make sure your communication is respectful. Also, please refrain from sending DM's on my social media accounts.

Special Requests: I gladly take requests! Feel free to communicate your wishes once we have completed screening.

Reviews: Reviews are great! Please express your wishes to leave a review for me before doing so.

References: I have no problem giving or accepting references. I do have specific guidelines, but rarely have issues therefore don't feel the need to list them. No need to contact me in advance, simply provide my info to the provider & I'll take it from there. 

Compensation is for my time  ONLY.  Anything that may or may not happen is between two consulting adults. 

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